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Is the facility safe?

The facility is safe - we place great emphasis on safety for all SkyTown activities. Furthermore, the facility is manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials of great strength and durability. The safety harnesses are of top quality with dual security features, and are the highest rated type available on the market.

How long is an activity session at the facility?

A session is one and a half hours.

Who can enter the facility?

All are welcome, except activities at the facility are forbidden to:

  • Pregnant women
  • People whose body weight exceeds 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • People with diseases of the spine or heart, and those with mental illness
  • It is forbidden to enter the facility while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Where was the facility manufactured?

The facility was originally manufactured in Germany and includes a number of registered patents. More than 55 facilities manufactured by the German company have been installed successfully in many countries, including: Germany, USA, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, and now also in Israel

What are SkyTown's Winter Opening Times?

Sunday through Thursday, the park is open from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm

(Last admission at 5:30 pm)

On Fridays and Holidays, the park is open from 10:30 am to 16:00 pm

(Last admission at 2:30 pm)

On Saturdays the park is open from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm

(Last admission at 5:30 pm)

In rainy or windy weather, make sure the park is open before arrival. For those coming from a distance, it is advisable to call on +972 (0)50 7657226 before arrival to ensure the facility is available.

Why is minimum height 1.4 m (4 ft 6 in) to use the upper levels without escort?

The security cables to which the climber is connected are located high and the climber's harness straps would not be long enough to provide free movement, which may cause operational difficulties on the facility. It may cause the climber to become stuck in the middle of the facility, leaving them hanging in the air, uncomfortable and frustrated. A tall adult escort can help a climber shorter than 1.4 m (4 ft 6 in) to move through the facility, ensuring continuous movement through the activities, and enhancing the climber’s enjoyment during the challenges.

Why is it not possible for an adult to escort more than 2 children on the upper levels?

The safety procedures state that only one person at a time is permitted at each obstacle (three persons when an adult accompanies two children). An adult accompanying two children will move through the facility obstacles with one child in front of them and one child behind them. At each obstacle they will first move the child in front of them, then return and move the child behind them. This way, they will move with ease and will not interfere with and spoil the enjoyment of other climbers nearby. An adult with more than two children may cause an obstruction and delay in the movement of other climbers.

Why are bracelets, watches and mobile phones forbidden in the facility?

Things can fall! Although most watches and bracelets have a buckle on the strap, friction from the security cord or the ropes of one of the fixtures may cause them to open or tear the wristband or bracelet, causing them to fall off. The same applies to mobile phones and anything else in the pockets. A falling item may strike and injure a child or adult below them. Even a small, lightweight object falling from a high altitude may cause serious injury if it strikes a person's head or face. This rule applies to everyone, including those with secure pockets.

Why do you need closed shoes in the summer, and why are sandals not suitable?

Sandals may cause the wearer to slip during activities on the facility. Friction of the uncovered part of the foot on the cable can damage the skin, causing pain and injury. Even Crocs and sandals with rubberized soles and fabric straps do not provide sufficient protection for the foot and may not be worn in the facility.

Why is my stay on the facility limited to one and a half hours?

The facility can accommodate a limited number of visitors and this requires activity sessions to be time-limited. We found that in one and a half hours (including training and putting on equipment) the climber can experience a reasonable number of activities, expend enough energy and enjoy their time at SkyTown TLV. Returning visitors are always welcome!

Safety instructions and operation of the children's track


  • Minimum height: 1.0 m ( 3 ft 3 in )
  • Maximum height: 1.25 m ( 4'1.21ft )
  • Entry only after briefing and with appropriate equipment

  • You can only move in one direction
  • The rope to which the children are attached is continuous and there is no need to replace safety ropes
  • Enter and leave the facility only at the start and end points. Most children will want to go through the entire route from start to finish.

Safety and operating instructions at the Park

The Visitor should not change anything in their protective equipment after the SkyTown TLV Instructor has checked it.
If personal protective equipment is removed (for example, for convenience when walking), the Instructor must ensure that the equipment is put on again.
A Visitor who jumps on the safety rope will be warned, a Visitor who repeats this action will be removed from the Park.

Smoking is not allowed
SkyTown is a sport facility. Therefore, only those who can follow the Instructor's directives physically and mentally may use it.
Use of the facility is strictly prohibited to:

Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
People with certain health conditions, such as spinal or other back conditions, joint conditions, high blood pressure or cardiovascular conditions.
Pregnant women.
Anyone weighing over 120 kg (265 lbs).
There may be additional restrictions on certain elements in the facility. A person or group which does not obey the directions of the Instructors, or who interferes with the activities of others, will be removed as soon as possible from the rope facility and the Park.

Discount for Tel Aviv-Jaffa residents

You will be given a discount for Tel Aviv-Jaffa residents. The discount will only be given on presentation of a residence certificate, digital certificate, ID card.

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